Untruths are being told by Atlantic City officials regarding the Atlantic City Boathouse and the circumstances surrounding Stockton University’s departure to Brigantine.

Two days ago, Shay Steele, President of the Atlantic City Board of Education told part of the truth to the local daily newspaper as follows:

“The City’s plans to expand its recreation program with a $600,000 Grant from the casino reinvestment development authority meant there would be more use of the boathouse.”

Steele also told the newspaper that there were “some issues” with Stockton that former superintendent Barry Caldwell had said were not addressed.

Steele did not say what those "so-called" issues were. In numerous interviews that we have conducted on this subject, Stockton University advised that there were no issues whatsoever.

One day after Steele confirmed that the Atlantic City Board of Education was the decision-maker in the non-renewal of Stockton University’s boathouse lease, Atlantic City Superintendent La’Quetta Small has placed the blame on Stockton University.

Our previous reporting has also now been called into question by Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, who has resorted to publicly badmouthing us, Senator Vince Polistina, and Dr. Harvey Kesselman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Stockton University and Atlantic City Board of Education Member John Devlin.

We have had a definitive memorandum in our possession all throughout our extensive reporting.

Our breaking news report unambiguously confirmed that the Atlantic City Public Schools sent word to Stockton University that they no longer can use the Atlantic City Boathouse.

Both Marty and La’Quetta Small have publicly stated that this is false. We can readily prove that it is true.

Because the veracity of our reporting is being brought into question by the Smalls, we are publishing the letter, which will end - once and for all - any dispute about this matter:

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

The End.

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