We have learned and confirmed that the former Pier Shops at Caesars, more recently known as Playground Pier when it was owned by Bart Blatstein has been sold.

When this iconic pier was known as Million Dollar Pier, it had the historic street address of # 1 Atlantic Ocean.

The address later became known as 1 Oceanic Terrace, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

An impeccable source of mine has advised that the new owner of the pier is Rob Schwartz, who is holding a press conference on Thursday, September 14, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. to discuss what is coming next for the property.

On a personal note, I worked on this very same pier nearly 50 years ago during the summer of 1974.

I worked the famous 'Cat Rack' at The Million Dollar Pier. This is the only photo ever taken of me during this time (see below).

Don P. Hurley photo.
Don P. Hurley photo.

The photo was taken by my identical twin brother, Don, who has taken tens of thousands of photos since this one.

The Million Dollar Pier was originally designed in a Mediterranean Revival style by architect Addison Miner.

The Mediterranean Revival style architecture was specifically selected in order to create the romance found in the Mediterranean.

Their belief was that it would encourage Americans to vacation here in Atlantic City, rather then vacation abroad.

Prior to the casino era, the piers and grand hotels of Atlantic City was our region's life blood.

When Captain John L. Young owned The Million Dollar Pier, he lived in this opulent home … sitting on the end of the pier right over The Atlantic Ocean.

Here is a look at his magnificent home:


Young was an experienced showman began his Atlantic City, New Jersey career in 1891, when he managed Young's Ocean Pier, which would later became Central Pier.

For The Million Dollar Pier, Young selected a Mediterranean Revival style architecture because he wanted to bring the romantic flavor that was found in the Mediterranean.

Young wanted people to choose to vacation in Atlantic City versus traveling abroad and he felt that this motif would be very inviting.

The Rob Schwartz era for this iconic pier is about to begin. I’ll keep you posted.

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