Atlantic City, New Jersey resident Naeem Khan said on-air this morning, Thursday, November 9, 2023 (during the 9:00 a.m. hour) that Atlantic City Mayor “Marty Small threatened me. He literally threatened me.”

Khan called-in this morning on-air and he did not hold back regarding his criticism of Small.

Khan worked on the campaign of Maria Lacca, who is the Republican Nominee for Atlantic City 5th Ward City Council.

Small supports the embattled incumbent Councilman Muhammad “Anjum” Zia.

“He (Small) had all of his gangsters with him,” said Zia. “He (Small) was cursing … he called (James) Sarkos (Atlantic City Police Chief) and asked when are you sending people here,” said Khan.

Khan said that “this should be a dream city. People can’t pay their rent,” said Khan.

”Ask him (Small) how to spell the word budget. He can’t do it,” said Khan.

Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt was our in-studio guest when Khan called-in.

Tibbitt and khan also talked elaborately about Zia. I will be doing a stand alone article about multiple serious allegations that Tibbitt and khan made about Zia.

Presently, Zia leads Lacca by only 13 votes, with a significant number of ballots yet to count.

Former Atlantic City Council President Craig Callaway’s worked on the Lacca campaign.

Khan said that Small was “cursing people out.” We received additional confirmation from others who said that Small was berating members of the Bangladesh community.

Small allegedly chided them about “How much money we spent and she’s (Lacca) is going to win,” said Small.

This alleged verbal thrashing took place across from the 7-Eleven store at Morris and Atlantic Avenues.

The allegations made about Zia today (on-air) by Tibbitt, Callaway’s and Khan should catch the eye and ear of law enforcement.

I will detail the allegations that were made against Zia on Friday morning, November 10, 2023, as I am presently interviewing one more person before we can publish our report.

The stakes for the 5th Ward City Council race could not be higher. If Zia wins, Marty Small retains control of City Council.

Conversely, if Lacca wins … Small loses control of the majority, which would place his entire agenda in jeopardy.

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