Last week we wrote an article about the horrific condition of the roads in Atlantic City, fairly comparing them to the surface of the moon.

If you missed our coverage, here’s a link to catch-up now.

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The dereliction of public service duty by the Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small administration is mystifying, as elaborate sums (millions) of dollars are presently available to fix the numerous bad roads.

Well, an Atlantic City neighborhood has taken a major pothole issue into their own hands.

Their solution is both creative and festive.

This enormous pothole (pictured directly below) is located on Richmond Avenue in the Chelsea Heights section of Atlantic City.

Harry Hurley TSM
Harry Hurley TSM

This pothole looks of another world.

Neighbors asked us to stop by and look at their solution. What do you think? They made a Christmas decoration out of one of the deepest potholes that you will ever see.

Here it is, The Christmas Tree Pothole. You can’t make this stuff up!

Harry Hurley TSM
Harry Hurley TSM

This neighborly fix to a real eyesore is complete with a tree skirt and Santa Hat tree topper.

They say you can’t fight City Hall.

Residents are sick and tired, yet in the spirit of the holiday season … they refuse to be in a bah humbug mood … so, they’ve taken matters into their own hands.

How do you like their creative and unique solution to an unsightly and dangerous condition?

We love it.

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