The Atlantic City Public Schools system has a serious problem on its hands and it must find a way to get it under control without delay.

We urge New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and the state of New Jersey to intervene immediately.

A shocking video has been sent to us by a parent of a student who attends the Atlantic City public schools system.

I am sending the video directly to Governor Murphy so that he is immediately apprised of this deeply troubling situation. He would want to know. He must know that this is presently going on.

The video features two children fighting. They are wearing boxing gloves. That appears to be the only “care” taken during this serious incident that took place off of school grounds but, reportedly involves an Atlantic City public schools staff member, who is serving as the “referee" of this unsanctioned bout.

This adult looks like, encouraged them to fight without proper headgear. A very dangerous situation.

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We simply can’t publish the video (which is about 35 seconds in length), as it involves underage children. However, we have been advised that the video has been posted on social media.

What we can tell you is that it is deeply disturbing at so many levels.

The two students are participating in a violent boxing match resembling the famous Brad Pitt movie Fight Club.

The two children are fighting on the grass in a residential neighborhood in Atlantic City.

The two children are surrounded by many other students, who appear to form a makeshift circle, enclosing the two minor children combatants.

I took still photos during my watching of the video (in order to observe details) and you can readily see 10 or more spectators (of student age) all filming the fight from their smartphones.

It is hard to process that an adult would willingly participate in something like this.

Our multiple Atlantic City sources have advised that the two students allegedly had a problem with one another in school.

There are still details that must be learned, but, we have been told that this organized, off-school premises fight was established with advanced planning efforts in an attempt to resolve the matter outside of school.

In the video, one of the spectators is yelling for the two children to hit one another, while repeatedly using the “N-Word.”

This is not just a case of ‘kids will be kids,’ as an adult male who we have been advised is an Atlantic City Public School’s staff member is directly participating and officiating this level of violence.

Atlantic City Superintendent of Public Schools, La’Quetta Small must regain control of the schools that she is responsible to lead.

We have been sent multiple other fight videos, from physical altercations that are happening on a regular basis directly inside the schools.

Again, with many students gathered around to witness and egg on these pop-up fights.

We have been apprised that one of the parents (of the two fighters) will be asking this Monday, May 9 for the alleged staff member appearing on the Fight Club style video to be terminated from his public employment for his alleged direct involvement.

In the form of this open letter Governor Murphy, Atlantic City Schools state monitor, and the Commissioner of Education, please intervene as soon as possible, before something even worse takes place.

SOURCES: Atlantic City Public Schools parent & video of an incident involving two children.

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