It is just 8 days until the November 3, 2020 General Election.

A record more than 61 million Americans have already voted early.

New Jersey is now a mostly Vote by Mail state. Only qualified disabled New Jersey voters will be able to cast their ballot on a voting machine.

From an Atlantic County perspective, Democrats have amassed a wide advantage over Republicans in terms of ballots cast.

As of this past Friday, October 23, 2020 here are the numbers.

34,042 Democrat Vote by Mail ballots are in versus 25,188 Republican ballots, a difference of roughly 9,000.

Republicans have a lot of work to do and a lot of catching-up.

There are many theories. First, that the Democrats love Vote by Mail and Republicans despise it.

If Republicans want to be able to effectively compete, they had better begin a willing “courtship” with the Vote by Mail process during the next week.

Atlantic County is also very important regarding the 2nd Congressional District. The candidate who dominates Atlantic County typically wins the seat.

United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew dominated Atlantic County in 2018 and won the seat versus Seth Grossman.

Grossman won the Republican Nomination by dominating in Atlantic County during the Primary Election.

This years Democrat challenger Amy Kennedy dominated Atlantic County versus Brigid Callahan Harrison.

As Atlantic County goes, so goes District 2. Cape May will do well for Republicans under Chairman Michael Donohue and Senator Michael Testa, R-1 continues to do great work as Cumberland County Republican Chairman.

Testa is also the New Jersey State Republican Party Chairman for President Donald J. Trump.

To date, Democrats are over achieving and Republicans are under achieving.

We’ll continue to track this on a daily basis.

A reminder, there are more unaffiliated and Independent voters than there are Republicans or Democrats.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made traditional campaigning very challenging for the candidates.

It’s nearly impossible to directly connect with the voters.

Despite a massive voter education campaign, many voters still think that they can vote as usual at their polling place. If you show up at a polling place on November 3rd, you will only be able to vote by provisional ballot ... not on a voting machine.

Your provisional ballot will be reviewed by the Atlantic County Board of Elections before being officially counted.

When you vote by mail, you can track the ongoing status of your ballot. It’s simple to do and here’s a link to signup to do so.

This should inspire you to believe that your vote will count.

This will be an election like no other before it. Sadly, don’t expect to know the results of most races for days (or longer) following General Election Day.

This will do much erode confidence in our electoral system. Many will not trust the results.

It’s a big problem for our Representative Republic.

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