This has not been reported until now.

Upon looking at the tabulars from the November 8, 2022 General Election, it was fascinating and disturbing to see that the Atlantic County, New Jersey Democratic Party failed to field candidates at the rate of 51 percent of the time.

Democrats did not run candidates in 23 out of 45 seats available.

In other words, in a majority of open races, the Republican candidates won by acclamation. Of course, a candidate loves to know that their election is guaranteed.

However, it’s not good for our Democratic Republic, when the voter is given no choice.

In the last election cycle, the Atlantic County Democrats failed to field candidates in 21 out of 60 available seats, which totaled 35 percent.

By direct comparison, Atlantic County Republicans fielded candidates this year at a rate of 85 percent regarding all seats on the ballot.

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This reflects a big increase in failure for Atlantic County Democrats to field candidates 2022 versus 2021.

Here is a Ken LeFevre graphic, which tells the whole story.

Ken LeFevre graphic.
Ken LeFevre graphic.

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