The New Jersey Republican Committee members shamefully elected a staunch anti-President Trump candidate for a new 4-year term as a national Republican Committeeman.

It’s disgraceful and wrong.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came out from political hiding to attend last night’s meeting that was held in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

Christie reemerged to support his long-time friend, Bill Palatucci.

In a very close election, Palatucci defeated Atlantic County Republican Chairman Don Purdy by a razor thin vote of 22-20.

I interviewed Purdy yesterday morning. He predicted that it was going to be very close and that it could come down to one vote.

It did.

We can not confirm at this time, however, one neighboring Southern New Jersey Committee person may have been the deciding vote in favor of Palatucci.

If I can absolutely confirm this … I will reveal the name of this New Jersey Committee member.

Palatucci and Christie are as anti-President Donald Trump as you will find any where in America.

Trump enthusiastically endorsed Purdy over a candidate (Palatucci) that was supported by “Sloppy Chris Christie.”


Purdy’s running mate, Janice Fields won unopposed.

Purdy was the unfortunate victim of a convergence of politicians who supported Palatucci for different reasons.

First, there’s Chris Christie, who strongly dislikes President Trump and is super close with Palatucci.

Palatucci backed Christie over President Trump for the 2024 Republican Nomination for President of The United States.

Palatucci served as Chairman of Christie’s Super PAC.

The race for New Jersey Governor (next year) also did Purdy in.

Supporters of the prohibitive favorite Jack Ciattarelli supported Purdy … which led the allies of (Gubernatorial candidates) State Senator Jon Bramnick and Bill Spadea to support Palatucci.

Palatucci must now publicly endorse President Trump for President, or, Palatucci can be removed from his position for cause.

It was a terrible idea for New Jersey Committee members to elect a rabid, anti-Trump man (Palatucci) for this national position.

Several well placed sources of mine have advised that if President Trump wins The Presidency … that Palatucci has said before last night’s election that he will resign.

That’s the equivalent of Palatucci wanting Joe Biden to win The Presidency over Trump.

Why did Palatucci run in the first place?

And, why did 22 New Jersey Committee members vote for Palatucci against the wishes of President Trump?

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