Three Cheers for New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina, R-2.

I have learned that Polistina has written a letter to New Jersey Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin … blowing the whistle on a shady Super Political Action Committee, located in Jamaica, New York.

Polistina did not hold back, describing this Super PAC as follow:

A dark money, shady, sham Super PAC out of Jamaica, New York, called Jersey Freedom, has started sending mail in Atlantic County encouraging people to vote for Mr. Peck. Mr. Peck indicated he has no idea who the group is or why they would be supporting him. I understand Jersey Freedom is also sending similar mail attempting to boost the candidacy of a 3rd party candidate in Legislative District 4, wrote Polistina.

Here is the entire Polistina letter to Platkin:


The featured photo above is a recent political attack mailing that contains blatantly false allegations.

It’s gotten so bad that the Libertarian candidate, Shawn Peck has dropped out of the race and he has formally endorsed Polistina.

Peck had been very critical of Polistina. He has taken all of it back and he is now complimenting Polistina on his credentials.

Polistina is aggressively exposing this shadowy Super PAC saying:

“Unfortunately for Mr. Peck, and the residents of Atlantic County, others from outside of the County have attempted to use him and his candidacy to perpetrate fraud on our residents and interfere with a fair and free election. Mr. Peck is so concerned about this fraud that he has now decided to end his campaign,” said Polistina.

Polistina ended his letter to Platkin with this passionate appeal:

“Someone's efforts to defraud the public, hide money and affect the outcome of what should be a fair election are a threat to democracy. I'm requesting that your office undertake an investigation of these concerning efforts across South Jersey so that our residents can be confident of how our elections are conducted in this state, wrote Polistina.

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