Atlantic County, New Jersey Executive Dennis Levinson has provided steady leadership on the issue of the potential relocation of migrants to Atlantic County.

Levinson took a firm and immediate position opposed to the action that was proposed by United States President Joe Biden to potentially bring migrants to the Atlantic City International Airport.

Levinson took his formal stance before New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy … who also ultimately took a public position in opposition to this plan.

Levinson led an immediate movement to assemble a bi-partisan coalition of local, county, state leaders … both elected and appointed to assemble together in a rally to bring about public awareness about this potential scheme.

We have now learned and confirmed that Levinson is following-up on the matter and that he has written an important letter to the Atlantic County Board of Commissioners

I have obtained a copy of the letter from a confidential source regarding the matter.

Here is the Levinson letter in its entirety:

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

You can certainly read the letter above, however, Levinson’s main point is for New Jersey to end its designation as a Sanctuary State, saying:

 I strongly encourage the Board of Commissioners to adopt a resolution requesting the State Legislature to rescind New Jersey's status as a sanctuary state. If the federal government won't close our national borders to those entering illegally, we must ensure New Jersey does not become a desired destination for illegals, writes Levinson.

We will provide updates regarding this story.


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