Atlantic County, New Jersey Executive Dennis Levinson is addressing an issue regarding a non-working elevator at the Absecon Rail Station.

Levinson’s concern is that the elevator could be down for up to one year … with no clear answers presently available.

We have learned and confirmed that Levinson has sent a letter to Kevin Corbett, Executive Director of New Jersey Transit.

Levinson’s letter is dated July 10, 2023 and we have obtained a copy of the letter that was also copied to:

  • District Two State Legislative Team (Polistina, Guardian, Swift).
  • District Nine State Legislative Team (Connors, Gove, Rumpt).
  • Absecon Mavor Kim Horton and City Council.
  • Brigantine Mayor Vince Sera and City Council.
  • Galloway Township Mayor Anthony Coppola and Township Committee.
  • Atlantic County Board of commissioners.
  • Linda Gilmore, Atlantic County Chief of Staff & Public Information Officer.

In part of his letter, Levinson’s writes:

“I have instructed my Chief of Staff, Linda Gilmore, to contact the NJ Transit offices to confirm this information and find out what options were available for those with mobility issues. Ms. Gilmore called several numbers and was passed along to variousstaff members, none of whom were aware of nor could confirm the status of the elevator at the Absecon station. One customer service representative told her she had reached an office in New York and should cal someone closer to the problem in auestion but did not provide a contact to do so. Ms. Gilmore also asked each person on the phone for a government relations contact or a contact in the Absecon station, but none were known or provided,” writes Levinson.

Here is the entire Levinson letter (below):

Harry Hurley, TSM
Harry Hurley, TSM

Levinson intervened after receiving direct contact from a constituent who was “dismayed” by there not being a working elevator … or, any communication about when it will be fixed.

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