There has been a fun, Atlantic County, New Jersey angle to the Emmy award-winning Jeopardy television program this week.

Long-time Beacon Evangelical Free Church Pastor Al Syvertsen called-in to our program yesterday morning, Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

We discussed a very serious car crash that Pastor Al and was wife were involved, when their truck was “T-Boned.”

They suffered broken ribs, bangs and bruises, but they credit God for things not being far worse. They will both make a full recovery.

Pastor Al was traveling to perform a wedding ceremony. Incredibly, he performed the ceremony and then went to the hospital to receive medical attention.

I’ve known Pastor Al for more than 40 years. This is typical Pastor Al Syvertsen conduct: Always serving and always thinking about others before himself.

Pastor Al brought the crash and injuries up as an after thought. He and his wife are truly unselfish and giving people.

He announced next that his nephew was the current Jeopardy Two-Day winner, Steve Clarke. Clarke is a lawyer from Chesapeake, Virginia.

Clarke went in Final Jeopardy last night leading with $17,700. His nearest opponent, Emily Fiasco had $14,000.

Clarke’s skill and luck ran out. He posted the right wager in Final Jeopardy, with a strategic $10,301 wager. Fiasco wagered all of her $ 14,000.

Fiasco got the question right … Clarke did not.

The Category of the final question was “State Mottos.”

The question read:


The correct answer to the clue was: “Eureka.”

Clarke’s two-day reign as Champion ended and Fiasco will face two new contestants tonight.

SOURCE: Pastor Al Syvertsen, Beacon Evangelical Free Church.

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