With the full cooperation of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and the Secretary of State, Tahesha Way … Senator Vince Polistina has been able to take matters into his own hands and we have learned and confirmed that Polistina has officially been sworn-in to the office of New Jersey State Senator, District 2.

We have obtained copies of Polistina’s Certificate of Selection (which we have previously published) from the Secretary of State (Tahesha Way).

This has now entered a new, official phase, as we have obtained a copy of the official Oath of Office documents (the official swearing-in was performed by the Honorable Joseph E. Kane, JSC (retired).

Additionally, we have also received a copy of a letter that Polistina has sent to the New Jersey Office of Legislative Services to Peri A. Horowitz, Executive Director.

The letter covers every pertinent issue relative to Polistina officially taking office.

Because Polistina is your duly elected representative in Trenton and he holds the highest elected position at the state level In Atlantic County’s District 2 … we are providing you with copies of all of the official documents previously mentioned, as follows:


Polistina has now met all requirements required to officially take the office of New Jersey State Senator.

There is absolutely no mention in the New Jersey State Constitution that requires a duly selected/elected legislator having to be sworn-in (in) the State Senate Chamber.

That, of course, is a beautiful, purely collegial, and ceremonial function. And, celebrating with the other 39 state senators is a wonderful tradition, but it holds no official standing in the process.

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Senator Polistina, appearing before Judge Kane has met all of the official requirements to take office.

Only brazen, partisan politics could attempt to deny the citizens of Atlantic County their right to be represented in the New Jersey state senate.

I don’t expect Horowitz to play politics.

I also don’t expect New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney to resist much, either.

Sweeney politically “protected” his guy, New Jersey Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo, who is Polistina’s opponent in the upcoming November 2, 2021, General Election.

Sweeney has previously pledged to keep the State Senate out of session until after the General Election.

Sweeney did everything in his power and he fully expected Polistina to successfully do an “end-around” him and be sworn into office by the legal process that we’ve outlined in our breaking news report.

Finally, even if partisan politics were to be successful, Polistina has already rightfully taken the title of Senator and has already been providing constituent services since being selected as Atlantic County’s Senator on August 4, 2021.

It also should be noted, this exact same process was followed when former assemblyman Kirk Conover took the seat of then Assemblyman Paul D’Amato.

Former Atlantic County Senator Bill Gormley expertly navigated the Conover ascent to the state legislative office while the State Senate was not in session.

It was legal then. It’s legal now. And, this same process has been followed several times since Gormley-Conover-Blee successfully executed it.

We have spoken to the newly minted Senator, Vince Polistina, who said the following:

"I am honored to be sworn in as Senator and eager to hit the ground running to serve the people of Atlantic County," said Senator Polistina.

"Senate President Sweeney's refusal to swear me in is petty and partisan, but Assemblyman Mazzeo's refusal to stand up to him is just plain weak.”

“I don't care what party you belong to, the people of Atlantic County should come first and Vince Mazzeo should recognize that and tell Senate President Sweeney that Atlantic County deserves full representation in the legislature,” said Polistina.

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