The COVID-19 pandemic has hit a critical phase whereby the National Guard will be sent in to assist Atlantic County New Jersey’s Meadowland Nursing Home beginning this Monday, January 10, 2022.

We just spoke with another area elder community facility that currently is experiencing their worst outbreak of COVID-19 during the entire pandemic.

The National Guard “strike team” will be available for at least 7 days and possibly longer if needed, Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson has confirmed.

The proactive Levinson saw the need and has collaborated with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy to step-up quickly to address the current situation.

“Our health care workers have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic,” said Levinson.

“Exposures and outbreaks are currently impacting our staff and residents, so we welcome the support of the National Guard at this time,” concluded Levinson.

According to Levinson, The “Strike Team” will assist with a myriad of needs:

  • Daily hygiene activities
  • Assisting with getting out of bed
  • Assist with dressing
  • Walking
  • Meals
  • Buddy duties
  • & More.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is deploying similar teams in other areas with similar needs.

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