New Jersey General Assembly candidates Don Guardian and Claire Swift (NJ-2) have received the formal endorsements of the two largest police unions in the state in their campaign versus Assemblyman John Armato and Atlantic County Commissioner Caren Fitzpatrick.

The coveted endorsements come from The New Jersey State Police Benevolent Association and the New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police.

In 2015, Guardian was recognized as the New Jersey State PBA Legislator of the Year. This was based upon Guardian’s staunch position of opposing the deep and dangerous cuts to the Atlantic City Police Department.

The two police unions also selected Swift, because of her pro law enforcement philosophy of governance while she served as New Jersey Deputy Attorney General.

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The support of these two public safety unions are coveted by both political parties because they represent thousands of public safety officers and by extension, the potential support of their family members as well.

These two endorsements are always considered a big deal … made even more so this year as two non office holders (Guardian and Swift) have been chosen over two current high ranking state and county level elected officials (Armato and Fitzpatrick).

These two endorsements also means much needed campaign dollars for the recipients,

It also carries a lot of weight throughout the 2nd Legislative District in terms of the prestige of having law enforcement officers supporting the campaigns of the recipients.

The status of Senator Vince Polistina versus Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo has not yet been announced.

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