Your next $20 withdrawal at an ATM could end up totaling an actual financial hit of $24.57.

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According to a new report from, it's never been more expensive to use an out-of-network ATM. Surcharges at the machines themselves jumped to $2.90 in 2016, the report said, and charges from a customer's bank increased 1.8 percent to $1.67. Overall, fees set a record high for the 10th straight year.

Ten banks and thrifts were surveyed in each of 25 large U.S. markets.

"Folks often don't realize until they look at their account balances how much money is being zapped out of their accounts," said Phyllis Salowe-Kaye, executive director of New Jersey Citizen Action, responding to the latest numbers. "Banks need to make money and they're making money on ATM fees, huge amounts of money."

Salowe-Kaye said the report points to the need for consumers to "shop for the proper bank" when deciding where to deposit their money. These fees can really add up after multiple out-of-network uses, but can be limited by using a bank that doesn't charge fees or a bank with plenty of ATM locations so you're not out of luck so often.

Investors Bank, based in Short Hills, does not charge any fees when their customers use a non-Investors ATM. But fees would still be imposed by the machine.

Based in Newark, City National Bank has just three New Jersey branch locations. But customers are promised fee-free ATM usage at machines within the Allpoint network. Hundreds of network ATMs are located at businesses in New Jersey such as CVS and Wawa.

An analysis from compiled a list of the average out-of-network ATM fees at the 10 biggest banks. Keep in mind these are only the fees from the financial institutions and does not factor in the fees customers are charged by the physical machine.

  • Bank of America: $2.50
  • Wells Fargo: $2.50
  • Chase: $2
  • Citibank: $2.50
  • U.S. Bank: $2.50
  • PNC Bank: $2.50
  • Capital One: $2
  • TD Bank: $3
  • BB&T: $2.50
  • SunTrust: $2.50

Banks can charge for ATM transactions beyond withdrawals, such as transfers and balance inquiries.

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