A New York man is facing numerous charges after police say he threatened to set himself on fire in a crowded Wildwood motel elevator over the weekend as a prank to see how people would react.

19-year-old Austin Gaile is now facing charges ranging from false public alarm, possession of a controlled dangerous substance - marijuana (under 50 grams), and possession of CDS paraphernalia and is being held on $90,000 bail.

The Cape May County Herald reports Wildwood Police received several 911 calls around 8:30 Saturday night for the report of a person attempting to set himself on fire inside a motel elevator on the 3200 block of Atlantic Avenue. Callers stated Gaile had poured gasoline onto himself from a gas container -- which was actually water -- and was trying to light himself on fire.

Eight people were inside the elevator at the time, including two 3-year-olds.

Police say Gaile was performing a prank, with no intention of actually harming himself or anyone else, and he was going to post the video of people's reactions online.

Police arrested Gaile at the scene and was also found to be in possession of marijuana.


SOURCE: Cape May County Herald

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