Beachgoers were outraged Monday morning after witnessing a man spear a seagull with his umbrella on an Ocean City beach.

According to witnesses, this unidentified man used the tip of his umbrella to spear the animal after it reportedly tried to eat a sandwich. To make things worse, he did this in front of his wife and two grandchildren who were visibly uncomfortable.

Immediately, witnesses approached the man about what his gross action. Police officers eventually questioned him, and he was free to go after he claimed it was to protect his family. Witnesses disagree and say he definitely did it on purpose.

One witnesses posted the incident to Facebook below:

Unfortunately the man did end up leaving the beach with his family and wasn't reprimanded for his actions.

Philly Voice mentions that seagulls are protected by federal law and using them as a target is considered a 'disorderly persons offense.'

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