We want to help put you in the Christmas holiday spirit.

We asked our readers and on-air listeners to submit photos of their Christmas decorations.

As always, our faith readers and listeners never disappoint.

This was so much fun to put together.

Right after this article, please enjoy our photo gallery, with brief descriptions of each photo that was submitted.

We have a wide variety of exterior and interior decorations.

It shows how much pride people take in their homes, which is a beautiful thing.

It’s also a whole lot of work.

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Our goal is to put the Christmas decorations up and display them right after Thanksgiving. It’s a very joyous transition.

We keep our Christmas decorations up through the first week of January.

Here’s a recommendation that we would like you to consider. What we have done for more than 40 years. We buy one additional Christmas decoration every year.

It makes it financially manageable and before you know it, your Christmas decorations will add up and you’ll have a great collection.

You’ll be able to pass along your collection to your children and grandchildren.

Margie started a great tradition a number of years ago. She selects a Christmas tree ornament every year and provides one to each family member.

It’s a wonderful tradition.

Our photo gallery below, shows you how hard your neighbors have worked on their exterior and interior decorations.

You get to see the stylings and overall individuality expressed.

We take this opportunity to thank our readers and listeners for a great 2022.

We wish you and yours a safe, healthy very Merry Christmas.

Please enjoy our photo gallery, which is a sampling of the holiday spirit this Christmas, 2022 season.

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