TRENTON — A good Samaritan is credited with saving a pedestrian from a suspected drunk driver who struck three parked vehicles in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Trenton Police Director Steve E. Wilson said two officers on patrol saw a red Toyota RAV4 speeding straight towards them on Broad Street (Route 206) near Liberty Street in Trenton's Franklin Park section. The officers narrowly avoided a head-on collision before the RAV4 hit the first parked vehicle.

The first vehicle struck by the RAV4 caused a chain reaction in which it was pushed forward into a second vehicle. As it went forward into a third vehicle a woman stepped off the curb in order to get to an ATM across the street.

A good Samaritan pulled the woman backward, saving her from possible "catastrophic injury" from a full-on hit, according to Wilson. She was nicked by the RAV4 as it passed.

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Trenton police vehicle
Trenton police vehicle (Brian McCarthy)

Police: Evidence of DUI

The RAV4 came to a stop after flipping over onto its roof. The driver, Diogenes Martinez Ramirez, 46, needed an officer to cut away the deployed airbags to get out.

Ramirez and the driver were taken to Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton.

Police found "evidence" in the RAV4 that Ramirez had been to several bars before the crash. Officers obtained a search warrant to draw blood before he was charged with assault by auto, driving while intoxicated, reckless driving and other moving violations.

Wilson said that police are still looking for the resident who helped.

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