This is a first news exclusive about a comprehensive study and report that is slated to be released later today or tomorrow.

You can read about it here, first.

The report is about middle class housing in Atlantic City and it is the first effort of its kind ever compiled.

The work is the product of Michael Suleiman, the founder of South Jersey Forward.

Suleiman is the author of the report.

"We need more middle class homeownership in Atlantic City, not just in the Tourism District but all over the city," said Suleiman.

"These ambitious yet achievable solutions will help foster a climate where we can lift current residents out of poverty and entice families to move back to Atlantic City,” said Suleiman.

Michael Suleiman photo.
Michael Suleiman photo.

Here is a link to Suleiman’s report, which is the first product released by South Jersey Forward, titled:

“Strengthening Communities: Solutions to Foster Owner-Occupied Middle Class Housing in Atlantic City.”

We have also learned the key recommendations suggested in the report.

  1. The creation of housing incubator zones to offer tax abatements and other incentives to spur homeownership and create quality housing stock. These programs would be funded by a halfpenny increase in casino gaming taxes.
  2. Pilot program to allow for the creation of tiny houses in Atlantic City.
  3. Reverter clauses on land sold by the CRDA & the City of Atlantic City to deter land speculators who hold parcels for years without developing them.

I strongly agree with the reverter clause suggested by Suleiman. Atlantic City has made major mistakes in the past, recklessly giving away valuable land … with no ultimate return on investment.

"There will always be opportunities for luxury housing in Atlantic City given its proximity to the beach, but those units are far too expensive for most families, said Suleiman.

“We need to stop spinning our wheels on unrealistic housing proposals and instead focus on tangible, realistic solutions to expand middle class housing in Atlantic City,” said Suleiman.

Last month, South Jersey Forward hosted a virtual roundtable, which led to this report.

South Jersey Forward is a nonpartisan and nonprofit think tank and advocacy organization “that is committed to exploring bold public policy to solve our problems,” said Suleiman.

You can visit them at

NOTE: Suleiman will be our on-air guest for the entire 7:00 a.m. hour this morning, Wednesday, June 14, 2023 to discuss his report.

SOURCE: Michael Suleiman

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