Pleasantville Board of Education President Jerome Page has made explosive public allegations about Craig Callaway and what is known as The Callaway Political Organization.

The Callaway Family has mastered the art of the messenger absentee ballot and vote by mail processes and have demonstrated the ability to wield disproportionate election influence in Atlantic City, Pleasantville and Atlantic County at Large.

As such, their professional services are coveted by both the Republican and Democratic political parties.

Candidates who are running in Atlantic City, Pleasantville and Atlantic County at Large races, have come to learn that the support of The Callaway’s can be the difference between winning and losing.

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Page has made public allegations against The Callaway’s, whereby Page told The Press of Atlantic City that he (Page) participated in a quid pro quo political scheme.

Page has publicly stated that he made a deal that if he supported Jim Carroll for Pleasantville Board of Education solicitor … that in return, the Callaway organization would support him (Page) for Pleasantville Board of Education President.

Page claims that The Callaway’s wield controlling influence over four Pleasantville Board of Education members.

Craig Callaway unambiguously denies the existence of any quid pro quo political arrangement whatsoever.

Page also has indicated cryptically that there is a criminal investigation currently underway. No legal controlling authority has responded publicly to Page’s allegations to date.

Callaway has now responded in our exclusive interview and he did not hold back.

“I think that Jerome Page is the epitome of pure evil and pure stupidity. So Jerome "stupid" Page you better hurry and get a good civil and criminal attorney. Jerome,
for sure, The Callaway's are coming after you and we will
see you in Civil Court! said Craig Callaway.

Callaway also went after Atlantic County Democratic Committee Chairman Michael Suleiman saying:

“Mike Suleiman, you are the worse party chairman of all and you are the perfect gift for the Republican Party. What's happening with the democrat party is 100% because of your stupid racist and arrogant ways,” said Craig Callaway.


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