Officials in Cape May County say area residents who are concerned about the impact of flooding, storms, and other events across the country are being encouraged to participate in a mandatory update of the County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan.

This plan addresses risks and threats every municipality in the county and responses will be shared with municipal, state, county, and federal entities for planning purposes.

In a press release, Cape May County Freeholder Director Gerald Thornton said, "This is the ideal opportunity for citizens throughout the County to let us know what hazards exist in their community during natural catastrophic events. The Cape May County Department of Emergency Management is conducting a major update to the 2016 plan and public participation will help us plan for resiliency and recovery on a local, County, and more regional level."

The update to the plan focuses on existing and future buildings, infrastructure, and critical facilities that might be impacted by natural disasters.

Cape May County Emergency Management Director Martin Pagliughi said, "This Department is working in lockstep with leaders and officials from your community to identify these hazards. No one knows their towns better than its citizens, and now is the time to take this survey and help us plan for your resiliency and safety, and may open the door for your community to get future funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to make these projects a reality."

Examples of grant-eligible projects include home acquisitions or elevating homes above flood levels.

Information about the Hazard Mitigation Plan is posted on the Cape May County HMP plan website. Click here to access the citizen survey.

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