When you buy something on-line from a person that you don't know, you always need to consider your personal safety when you meet that person to buy what they're selling. Residents in Cape May and surrounding areas can now feel a little better when they meet someone to buy things.

The Cape May Police Department, like a few others in our area, is now offering two safety areas where internet transactions can take place.

According to a Facebook post, the two safety areas are marked by green "Meet Up Spot" signs at the Cape May Police Department building. Both areas are monitored by surveillance cameras that are monitored 24 hours a day.

The CMPD says, "Citizens who wish to use these spots for online transaction exchanges do not have to contact the department first; however can make contact with dispatch upon arrival to inform the department of the exchange. Officers will not be participants in any exchange."

Cape May Police Chief Anthony Marino says, "This is just one way that we can proactively serve the community as a whole by providing safe locations to hopefully prevent an issue from occurring instead of responding to one."

The designated meet-up spots are available to anyone, not just residents of Cape May.


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