SOUTH BRUNSWICK — Police are looking for a driver that mowed down a gaggle of geese on Route 1 Monday evening.

Video posted by the South Brunswick Patch shows nearly two dozen adult geese and goslings walking in the southbound left lane about 8:20 p.m. near the Monmouth Mobile Homes Park.

The geese had no place to go because the concrete barrier divides the road at that location.

A Ford SUV drives through the geese, hitting several birds. The driver slows down but never stops. Some of the birds appeared to be severely injured while others remained on their feet.

Police will need to determine what charges, if any, would be brought against the SUV driver, according to Ross Licitra, executive director of the Monmouth County SPCA and head of their Humane Police Department.

Licitra said that if police determine the incident to be intentional then animal cruelty charges would apply. But if it were determined to be accidental then no charges would likely be brought up.

"There is no law that states that they have to report it to police. That only applies to domesticated animals," he said.

South Brunswick police in a message on their Twitter account said they were aware of the incident and asked witnesses to come forward.

Story continues below the video, which some may find disturbing.

David Maeng, whose passenger took the video, told the Patch that other drivers slowed and changed lanes to avoid hitting the gaggle.

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