Authorities in Egg Harbor Township are asking for your help identifying two men.

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As is usually the case, officials are not releasing any information about why they want to speak with these two other than to say it's part of an ongoing investigation.

The first picture shows a man wearing a Nike sweatshirt and jeans, which one would consider rather casual attire. Perhaps he was going for the "everyday man" look.

The other is much more stylish, at least for these parts, sporting bright red pants, a visible necklace (i.e. quite a fashion statement), and a distinctive hairstyle.

Quite chic, indeed.

In fact, we can't help but picture the man in the red pants walking down a fashion show runway (or in this case, a rug in front of a door at a big box store), peering over his shoulder to accept the gratitude of a cheering crowd of fashionistas who are eagerly anticipating seeing his clothing choices in high-end stores around the world the next time the seasons change.

With that in mind, we recommend watching The Devil Wears Prada at this point. Then, if you can identify either person, contact the Egg Harbor Township PD Detective Bureau at (609) 926-4051 or email

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