Is this the Chris Christie comeback tour?

In several cable news and radio interviews to promote the wearing of masks, Christie also continues to be critical of his friend — President Donald Trump — and hasn't ruled out a run for president in 2024.

Christie told conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt on Monday he would not rule out a run for the White House in 2024 even if Trump were to mount a campaign.

On the Guy Forbes Show, he said his decision would be based not on his personal or professional life but rather if he feels he has "something to contribute to the country that is unique and different than other people who are running."

Tuesday he made an appearance on Martha MacCallum's Fox News Channel program and continued to offer criticism of Trump's efforts to overturn the election he lost.

"The fact is Joe Biden won the majority of the electoral votes. He had 306 and I think this is a very, very dangerous thing that we're engaging in right now," Christie said.

He did point out his support for Trump, his own appointment as the head of Trump's opioid commission and their 20-year friendship, adding that “when the court system has run its course, it’s time to move on and accept the results of the election."

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace asked Christie if he is trying to "clean the Trump stink" by going against the president and pointed out that Christie didn’t come out against Trump when his Access Hollywood comments about women came out during the 2016 presidential or when Trump used profanity to disparage African nations in private.

Christie said he doesn’t regret backing Trump in 2016 and said there have “angry calls from the White House” when he criticized Trump for insulting Jeff Sessions and FBI director Chris Wray,

“I evaluate these things one at a time and you picked out places where I didn’t speak out and there have been any number of places where I have spoken out in opposition to things that the president has done or more particularly said,” Christie said.

Christie also jumped into New Jersey politics after Murphy downplayed criticism from Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Steinhart about missing the deadline to receive coronavirus vaccinations for long-term care facilities.

"It is offensive that the highest elected official in the state deflects rather than explaining why NJ seniors must wait an extra week for life saving vaccine after 7,100 have already died on his watch," Christie said on his Twitter account.

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