I have confirmed the existence of a formal complaint with the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office against Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler.

A number of serious allegations have been alleged in the complaint.

A career law enforcement veteran, Clifton Sudler wrote the following complaint to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office … here it is in its entirety:

Good Afternoon,

I would like to formally lodge an official complaint against Sheriff Eric Scheffler for misuse of county resources while using his official capacity as the Sheriff of Atlantic County.

On Monday, September 25th, 2023 at approximately 12:47pm, an individual was seen and recorded in the parking lot of a business office in Atlantic City. This person was using a vehicle with a county government sticker and a " Hope Exists" logo on the side of the vehicle. When met by the security staff, the individual showed the security officer a Sheriff's Office ID and possible badge and stated that he works for the Sheriff's Office. Additionally, he stated that he was taking one of his "Hope" clients to an appointment and waiting for them to finish.

I will forward the photos and video footage in a separate email.

It is my understanding that Hope Exists and the Hope One program are two separate entities and that Hope Exists is a privately funded charitable organization.

Also, Hope Exists uses the same EIN as the Atlantic County Sheriff's Foundation which seems to be commingling funds between the two organizations and also the county government resources.

I received a phone call from another high ranking official who brought these same allegations to my attention earlier this week.


I will provide updates as more information becomes available.

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