Two police departments in Ocean County are investigating a road rage incident that happened during the morning rush hour Thursday.

And while no injuries were reported, one vehicle sustained significant damage.

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The Manchester Township Police Department, along with their counterparts in Toms River, say at about 8:15 Thursday morning near Exit 82A on the Garden State Parkway, "an unknown motorcyclist abruptly stopped in front of the victim’s vehicle and got off of his motor cycle (a blue and white Yamaha sports bike) and approached the victim. At this time, the unknown motorcyclist used his fists to strike the hood and windshield of the vehicle, causing significant damage."

Police say the motorcyclist, described as a Caucasian male, about six feet tall, and wearing a black helmet, black hoodie with gold lettering on the back, black gloves, black shirts, and white sneakers, fled the area.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of the motorcyclist is asked to contact the Toms River or the Manchester Township Police Department.

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