A Millville man is dead and a woman living in the same house has been arrested on homicide charges.

The Cumberland Country Prosecutor's Office is reporting that police were called out early Sunday morning to the area of Country Meadows, 2300 South 2nd Street in Millville, for the report of a stabbing victim.

Here are the details from the Prosecutor's Office...

Upon arrival on scene, responding officers located Axel Torres (of above address - Lot#31, age 35 years old), in front of Lot #31, unresponsive and suffering from a knife wound to his left leg. On scene officers began to render aid at which time emergency medical personnel arrived on scene and transported Torres to the hospital, where he was originally listed in critical condition.

It was learned that the victim and Kathleen Ayala, age 30, of the same address, had gotten into a physical altercation at the residence. Torres left the above referenced address and Ayala chased after him where an altercation ensued leaving Torres unconscious with several stab wounds, including one to his leg (allegedly having been inflicted by a nail clipper).

Torres was transported back to Lot #31 and authorities were summoned to the scene.

Based on the above information, officers filed a criminal complaint against Katheleen Ayala, charging her with assault and weapon offenses.

Prosecutors say Torres died of his injuries early Monday, and Ayala has been charged with murder.

The investigation is on-going.

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