Even though New Jersey residents voted for the legalization of marijuana, you still have to be careful not to step out of bounds.

That point gets mentioned to highlight the latest arrests that recently went down in the Cape May Court House section of Middle Township. Cops allege that pot was being sold and distributed illegally via the Enlightened Smoke and Specialty Shop on Main Street. Two men, a forty-year-old and a twenty-one-year-old were both arrested and over $4k was seized.

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An investigation that was being conducted by the Middle Township Police Department and the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office would eventually produce a search warrant of the smoke shop that was executed on Monday.

Both 40-year-old Jamy Lennon and 21-year-old Anthony Albano 3rd were hit with third-degree charges of Distribution of Marijuana Over one Ounce, Conspiracy to Distribute CDS, and Distribution of CDS within 1000 feet of School Property (Middle Township Elementary # 1).

The public is reminded that charges are accusations and all persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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