Acknowledging that Atlantic City, New Jersey is currently broken beyond repair under the administration of Mayor Marty Small …

… Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt has publicly called for Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson to takeover direct oversight of Atlantic City.

Tibbitt’s declaration occurred on Monday, March 20, 2023 at 10:00 a.m., during our live, on-air interview.

Tibbitt was clear to say that Levinson’s potential executive branch oversight would be under the direction of the Governor, state of New Jersey … and, working directly and closely with the Atlantic City Council.

“Everything that Denny Levinson and County government does … they do well, said Tibbitt.

“Atlantic City is too important to Atlantic County and the state of New Jersey for the current level of incompetence to be allowed to continue,” said Tibbitt.

Tibbitt was also looking out for New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who many believe has Presidential aspirations.

”I want Governor Murphy to win on this issue. Right now, between the city and our public schools … the annual Atlantic City local purpose budget is more than 1/2 billion dollars per-year year for 48 blocks,” said Tibbitt.

This is outrageous and unsustainable for Atlantic City and surrounding sending districts taxpayers.

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Levinson took over the social services programs for Atlantic City many years ago. The county has done a great job under such challenging conditions… As Atlantic City has become an area where one-way bus tickets from all over the state bring new residents to Atlantic County and Atlantic City … where they require various social services.

We are reaching out now to Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson to obtain his comment to Tibbitt’s proposal that he takeover executive control of Atlantic City.

Should the Governor and state not be receptive to this idea … it could have to wait for a potential future Governor Jack Ciattarelli administration to address.

We caught-up with Ciattarelli, who bluntly addressed the current situation, saying: “When a Democratic Atlantic City Councilman calls on the Republican Atlantic County Executive to fix his city, that's saying something. The fact is, Mayor Small and Governor Murphy's DCA, which has Atlantic City oversight authority, have failed in running the municipality,” said Ciattarelli.

We also reached Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson for comment. He did not hold back and he is hitting back hard.

”Had the state kept its word and I’m talking about 2 Governors (Chris Christie & Phil Murphy) I would be happy to sit down and discuss this,” said Levinson.

“Until the issue of the substantial money that the state owes us is settled, it would be difficult for me to work with a Governor that I’m presently suing,” said Levinson.

“Pay us the money. Pay us snd I’ll talk. Why would I take my direction from the state when the state hasn’t done much to lower our taxes,”

”Pay us the money that 3 New Jersey Superior Court Jufldges have said that you owe us,” said Levinson.

For the third time, Levinson said … “Pay us the money that you know that you owe us and I’ll be happy to sit down and discuss this.”

“I serve 275,000 people and the state has thus far screwed them,” concluded Levinson.

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