Atlantic City Councilwoman LaToya Dunston, D-4th Ward has called for Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Marty Small to stop wasting time contesting her June 6, 2023 victory over Viana Bailey.

Dunston’s stern declaration to Small occurred this morning, during our live on-air ion WPG Talk Radio 95.5 interview.

Small recruited Bailey to oppose Dunston. Small actively supported Bailey’s candidacy. Small coordinated with Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman to place Bailey in the Regular Democratic Column on the election ballot in favor of Dunston. Small has supported (Bailey) during each challenge to date regarding Dunston’s victory over Bailey.

Dunston confirmed that Small has personally appeared with a City of Atlantic City contracted attorney in support of Bailey at multiple counting of the ballots and other matters.

Dunston noted on-air today that Small and the attorney arrive together and collaborate together in support of Bailey.

Dunston stated that she is concerned about a City attorney participating in this matter in this fashion.

Small attended the official recount that was ordered by New Jersey Superior Court Assignment Judge Michael Blee … which took place last Friday.

Much to Small’s chagrin, at this past Friday, August 18, 2023 official recount, Dunston actually expanded her lead over Bailey from 3 to 6 votes.

The election is scheduled to be certified today in Dunston’s favor.

With the election certified, the only thing left at this point, would be for an official contest phase and attempt to have the result either overturned, or, thrown out.

Neither scenario is likely to succeed.

There is likely no time for such a contest challenge of a certified election result, as we have confirmed with Atlantic County Clerk Joe Giralo that all General Election ballots must be sent to the printer by September 4, 2023 … which is only 14 days from today.

On June Primary Election Day, 2023, Dunston defeated Bailey 300-297.

Small has trying everything possible to overturn this result … thus far to no avail.

It only gets tougher from here for Small, as it is very difficult to challenge the result of a certified election.

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