Authorities say a Burlington County man will be spending the next 13 years in prison for being convicted of robbing a veterinary office and a supermarket back in 2019.

The grand total of his heists: $633.

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Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina says 49-year-old Craig Greene has been found guilty of first-degree robbery, two counts of third-degree possession of a CDS, fourth-degree theft by unlawful taking, and related weapon offenses.

Greene's crime spree began on the afternoon of June 5, 2019, when, according to Coffina, he entered the VCA Maple Shade Animal Hospital, walked up to the receptionist, showed a knife, and demanded money. He fled with $162.

Four hours later, cops were called to the Acme in Maple Shade for the report of a man who had grabbed $471 from a cash register.

A review of surveillance video led police to identify Greene as the robber. He was arrested later that day as he returned home.

"This was a very frightening encounter for those who were confronted by this defendant. Fortunately, nobody was harmed, and very solid police work led to a quick apprehension," Coffina said in a statement.

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