The Absecon Police Department has had a history of using humor and creative writing on its Facebook page to convey community information -- and they didn't disappoint with their latest post about a lost dog.

On Wednesday, cops in Absecon found a lost dog and they immediately made him a member of their community policing unit...

Effective immediately, Officer Fuzz (we renamed him) will join the #Absecon Community Policing Unit. During the course of his first interview it became apparent Officer Fuzz was adept at stealing water bottles and fruit from desktops. Dude's got serious hops.

Now, most police K9s are big dogs like German Shepherds, but we're thinking the next time someone commits a crime and cops in Absecon set this dog lose to chase the suspect, the suspect might just stop to cuddle him.

Seriously, if you are missing this dog, contact the Absecon Police Department.

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