One thing a lot of people miss doing is going to their favorite bar, getting their favorite drink, and having a good time with their friends.

However, because of the spike in coronavirus cases in Florida after their bars reopened, Dr. Fauci is advising all Americans to stay away from bars completely until we can this thing under control.

Dr. Marissa Levine, a director of the Center for Leadership in Public Health Practice at USF in Tampa, said that coronavirus loves spending time and spreads easier in bars because of the number of people in close quarters, not to mention the alcohol.

According to People, Fauci spoke about this topic at the US Senate Committee hearing and said that he does not advise anyone going inside at bars. He said that there was a huge spike in cases after some states allowed bars to reopen. Some people don’t even notice they have any symptoms of COVID and could continue going to bars which will make it spread to more people.

Studies have shown that the recent spike in cases has been in younger people. That is also why the number of deaths is still decreasing but the affection rate is rising. Teenagers and millennials who are going out partying and drinking are catching it from one another and spreading it.

Fauci said, "I think we need to emphasize the responsibility that we have both as individuals and as part of a societal effort to end the epidemic that we all have to play a part in that."

I personally think that we need to put a halt to all bars. Period. We are never going to get things under control if we don't. However, I do know there will be some rebellious ones who still continue to go despite all the reports.

If you want to go to a bar, here are some helpful ways to be safe while still having yourself a good time. Learn more about the risks in bars, you could possibly have some serious complications if you contract it in a bar. Wear a face mask when you’re not drinking, social distance, and wash your hands. Suggest outside dining to your friends over a bar, that’s way safer. Do not share drinks, that’s just a known rule. Keep your masks on, no matter where you are. Pace yourself when it comes to drinking.

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