I’ve waited to let this play out before publicly commenting about it.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Democrat establishment is terrified that Bernie Sanders may win their nomination for President of The United States.

The way the Democrats mishandled the Iowa (first in the nation) Caucuses is a disgrace and it just might have prejudiced the entire Democrat nominating process.

Sanders received 31 percent of the vote in Iowa. That’s 8 percent more than Pete Buttigieg.

Yet, after using bizarre rules, the Iowa Democrats have given Buttigieg 2 more Delegates than Sanders.

I thought that Democrats hated “The Electoral College” and loved “The Popular Vote”?

Iowa Democrats have just robbed their clear popular vote winner.

Former Vice President Joe Biden finished a distant 4th place with less than 15 percent of the vote.

Biden has unsuccessfully tried to use the Iowa debacle to mute his disastrous 4th place finish. It didn’t work.

His campaign is nearly financially broke. He has been scary unsteady on the limited campaign trail that he has embarked upon.

Sanders was purposely denied the momentum and coverage he would have received heading to New Hampshire, which votes this Tuesday.

They won’t be able to cheat Sanders in New Hampshire, where he will win. Then, it’s on to Nevada, South Carolina and next up, Super Tuesday.

Biden will win South Carolina, powered by his overwhelming African-American support. Should Biden become the Nominee, he will have African-American voters to thank for it.

The irony of Sanders success within the Democrat Party is that he’s not even a Democrat. He’s a registered Independent.

The Democrats long ago should have smartened-up and made that against their nominating rules.

On top of this stupidness, Sanders is an unapologetic Socialist; who actually spent his “romantic” Honeymoon in (of all places), The Soviet Union.

Sanders would have won the Nomination over Hillary Clinton in 2016, except for the Democrats former Super Delegate rules. This essentially enabled the inside establishment to pick whomever they wanted to.

Significant outcry after the 2016 Democrat nominating process forced them to change the Super Delegate role in deciding who their Nominee will be.

This is why they are now trying to find new ways to deny Bernie.

They well know, if Bernie Sanders is their Nominee, they will go down in a spectacular defeat.

With Bernie on the top of their ticket, they will also lose their majority in The House of Representatives.

If you want President Donald Trump to have his easiest path to a second term, root for Bernie.

Bern Baby Bern.

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