A 72-year-old woman was injured Friday night when she crashed her car into an Atlantic City Police cruiser that was working the scene of an accident on Route 30.

According to the ACPD, just after 8:00 Friday night, Ofcs. Franco Sydnor and Michelle Clarkt were on the scene of a crash in the eastbound lanes of Route 30 near mile marker 56.2. Cops has the right lane closed due to debris from the accident.

As Ofc. Clark was speaking with the driver of the vehicle and Jeffrey Spence, another vehicle failed to move over for the patrol vehicles and crashed into a police car, nearly striking Officer Clark.

Police continue the account,

After striking the police car, the vehicle flipped onto its side and the driver, a 72-year-old woman from Atlantic City, was trapped in the vehicle. Officer Sydnor broke the window to gain entry into the vehicle. Mr. Spence got into the vehicle and lifted the driver up to another good Samaritan who stopped to assist. The good Samaritan who left before officers could get his name passed the woman to officers. She was transported to the AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, City Division, for treatment of her injuries.

Cops say both the patrol car and the woman’s car sustained significant damage.

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