This is an important Decision 2021 first report.

We’re able to provide you with important Decision 2021 election data that has not been reported anywhere else.

We have obtained data that will give you with a snapshot of where this election stands one day before voters go the polls (Tuesday, November 2, 2021) to make decisions for:

  • Governor
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • State Senate
  • State General Assembly
  • Constitutional Officers
  • County Commissioners
  • Municipal Offices
  • Board of Education

There has been wide speculation as to what will (the first time ever) 9 days of early voting mean?

Will it expand the total number of voters?

Will it merely spread out the same amount of participants over 10 days of voting?

Will one of the major political parties jump out to a significant lead during the early voting season?

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We can provide you with some guidance. Here are the actual early voting numbers in Atlantic County through Friday, October 29, 2021 as follows:

NOTE. We have no way to know how people actually voted, but, we can report how many voters from each major political party and unaffiliated voters have cast early votes.


A total of 5,999 people cast early votes during the first 7 days of early voting.


Democrats = 2,559

Republicans = 2,264

Unaffiliated = 1,167

In discussing these numbers with several well placed sources; It appears that Republicans are pulling 55% of the Unaffiliated voters in Atlantic County.

This means that after the early voting season is over, the race in Atlantic County is a potential statistical dead heat, heading into tomorrow’s General Election Day.

The conventional wisdom of many political observers was that Democrats would jump to a potentially sizable lead during early voting.

The thought process was sound due to the established history of Democrats outperforming Republicans all over the country during early voting and vote by mail efforts.

That appears NOT to be the case this year in Atlantic County, New Jersey.

Cape May County Republicans appear to have also had  a strong early voting season.

The historically low poll numbers of President Joe Biden appears to be a drag on Democrats down ballot.

The high costs of food, energy and other goods and services, along with the high inflation has created a very sour mood throughout America.

Democrats here, the Commonwealth of Virginia and all over America are going to pay an electoral price.

Glenn Youngkin is favored to defeat former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Jack Ciatterelli has run a strong campaign against New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

The mood just one year ago highly favored Democrats. It was an all vote by mail affair. The COVID-19 pandemic, Daily Trump bashing … it all played to the Democrats advantage.

Just the opposite is true in this election cycle. The national mood is terrible and vote by mail is back to normal levels and processes.

Successful Democrat candidates will have to swim against a heavy current in order to win. It’s not to say that all Democrats are going to lose. Some will win. It’s just that the atmosphere heavily favors Republicans this time.

NOTE: We will review these important numbers and the latest locally with Hamilton Township Mayor Charles Cain this morning (Monday, November 1, 2021) at 9:05 a.m. on “Hurley in the Morning,” WPG Talk Radio 95.5 FM abd on our WPG smartphone app.

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