When parents have children in a school, that is the target of a security threat, it can be particularly unnerving for parents.

Imagine you hear on social media that your child's school is on lockdown, but you have no firm idea why it's happening.

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Egg Harbor Township Police and Superintendent co-author letter to the community

Recently, the Chief of Police for the township, Frederick Spano, and the Superintendent of Schools, Kimberly Gruccio, co-signed a letter to parents in the township.

In the letter, they addressed their commitment to the school community regarding safety and security.

They stressed that when there is a security risk or concern, their primary job is to investigate the risk and ensure the safety of the students.

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Recent security issues in Egg Harbor Township schools

Over the last few months, there have been some lockdowns and other immediate security threats.

On social media, parents have expressed frustration for being kept in the dark - at least while the security threat is being investigated.

In the letter Spano and Gruccio say that while they are sympathetic with parents, the investigation and ensuring the safety of all has to be the #1 priority.

Sometimes the investigation is ongoing, and information just can't be readily released to the public.

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Talk with your students

Finally, the letter urged more communication and dialogue between parents and their children.  Rather than share threats the children hear about on social media, it would be best if they report it directly to the police or the school administration.

Here's the undated letter that was shared:


When you see a letter like this, do you feel more at ease? Or, does it spark even more questions? Please let us know!

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