A man with a knack for wearing colorful hats is wanted by police for the theft of a victim's wallet and fraudulent use of stolen credit cards.

According to Egg Harbor Township Police, the theft in question occurred back on October 18th.

Here are the details from the police:

The male suspect is described as a thin, tall, B/M in his late 20's. He operates the vehicle depicted above, which is a Pontiac Grand Prix, 03-08 model, dark grey in color with no front plate or inspection sticker.

During the investigation into this case it was determined this same male suspect has been randomly entering Doctors offices between Philadelphia and South Jersey. He walks into these offices unnoticed, proceeds to the Physicians back office and removes wallets from desks and/or purses. The accused male then takes the stolen credit cards and purchases high priced electronics and jewelry. In the two cases on October 18th the suspect targeted at least two different OBGYN offices in this area, the case in Medford he targeted a Dentist Office.

Anyone that can identify the suspect is asked to call the Egg Harbor Township Criminal Investigation Bureau at 609-926-4051.

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