Past is always prologue.

What’s old is new, again … in Atlantic City, New Jersey and around the country.

The push to transition from the combustion engine and gasoline powered cars to electric cars is actually a “back to the future” effort.

The incredible photo (above and directly) below depicts the 1909 “Electric Car” that traveled all throughout Atlantic City … all the way downbeach to Longport.

Kenneth McIntyre photo.
Kenneth McIntyre photo.

So many times, history simply repeats itself. Of course, the technology of electric vehicles and hybrids of today features many advancements versus what was in place 115 years ago.

In 1909, high wires were installed for miles and the electric car had a high reach “pole” that would touch the wire and electrify, thereby powering the electric car down the roadway.

But, the basic principles remain the same.

The 1909 electric car pictured here more resembled a train than it did the modern passenger car of today.

However, individual model electric cars actual predates gasoline-powered cars.

The first electric car (prototypes) that I could find were built in the early 1830’s in Hungary, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

An American inventor, William Morrison is credited with building the first working electric vehicle on or around 1890.

Jay Leno owns a 1909 Baker Electric automobile.

The electric car hit its peak in sales in the early 1910’s.

The electric car eventually failed because the local and federal governments failed to build the infrastructure required.

This left the gasoline-powered car much more popular versus electric vehicles.

Does this sound familiar?

Not much has changed since 1909.

The more things change … the more they the same.


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