We now know where a new restaurant that makes sandwiches out of pickles is opening in Northfield.

Elsie's - Home of the Original Pickle Sandwich has been teasing that they will be opening a new second location somewhere on Tilton Road in Northfield for several weeks. Now, with their new sign up, we can confirm that it will be at 705 Tilton Road, which is right next to Wendy's, across from Dunkin'.

Per a post on their Facebook page, Elsie's will be open starting tomorrow (Friday, May 7th) through May 12th for pre-orders and/or pick-ups only. Their grand opening will take place on Thursday, May 13th.

Elsie's has been open for quite some time in Haddon Township and this is their first venture down the shore. They are a rather unique eatery that makes sandwiches out of pickles (the pickles are the bread).

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They say, "Our team is so excited to bring our one of a kind pickles and signature eats to our guests, friends and family in the shore communities. Thanks to all of you for your L💚VE and support throughout our journey and we can not wait to serve you!"

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