As summer winds down, (some) of us look forward to the crisp, cool, fall weather, while others dread what's coming behind it.

I'm looking forward to football being king of the weekends, the beautiful foliage, and the crisp nights and chilly mornings of the fall season.

But what's in store for the winter season to follow?

The Farmer's Almanac has just released their predictions for winter 2019-2020 for South Jersey.

According to their long range forecast, South Jersey will be in store for a frosty wet and white winter season. Temperatures will be colder-than-normal which sends a shiver down my spine.

We could also see our share of  rain ice and sleet, especially along the coast. The wet, icy and frosty weather could last until April 2020.  I'd much rather have a mild and snow free winter.

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