The civil litigation officially reads:

CAPE MAY COUNTY PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE, THE COUNTY OF CAPE MAY; PAUL SKILL (in his official and individual capacity); and STEVE VIVARINA (in his official and individual capacity) (jointly and severally),

This civil action has been filed in United States District Court, District of New Jersey, Camden Vicinage.

Davis and Gannon are represented by Philip S. Burnham and Michelle J. Douglass of The Burnham - Douglass Law Firm of Northfield, New Jersey.

The civil complaint was filed yesterday, whereby it alleges that the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office is comprised of mostly white men, who they accuse of being openly sexist, and also alleges that one of the Detectives was referred to with the use of a racial slur.

Davis is a county detective and Gannon is a detective first-class rank within the prosecutor's office.

They claim that the County, Prosecutor’s office, including their supervisors have violated Title VII and New Jersey law by means of discrimination and retaliation based upon their race and gender.

Davis has served as a Detective within the Cape May County Prosecutors Office since 2004.

Gannon has also been employed there since 2004.

Both employees have detailed a long list of allegations throughout several years against the County, Prosecutor’s Office, and Supervisors.

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One of Davis’ allegations states that when she reported incidents of disrespect and harassment to her Supervisor, she was allegedly told by a Supervisor that if she was unhappy with her job that she could "find another job pumping gas.”

Gannon claims that she was denied a promotion because she was pregnant (2006). Gannon alleged in the lawsuit that she was accused by her Supervisor of hiding her pregnancy during her interview. She contends that the Supervisor threatened to fire her.

No one on either side of this litigation has made a public comment as yet.

The civil complaint document is comprised of 57 pages. Davis and Gannon are seeking compensatory, exemplary, and punitive damages.

The case is Davis - Gannon et al. vs. Cape May County Prosecutor's Office et al., the case number is 1:22-cv-00783, in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.

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