We can document what appears to be a pattern of political retaliation from Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Marty Small against a variety of different people.

First, there was the unprecedented removal of John Devlin from the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority, where Devlin served as Chairman of the Board.

The political hit on Devlin was so egregious that Atlantic City Council President George Tibbitt took to our Townsquare Media Atlantic City airwaves and denounced Small, saying:

Mayor Small lied to us. We owe John Devlin’s a public apology.

Tibbitt went on to issue Devlin an unambiguous on-air public apology for Small’s retaliation against Devlin.

Devlin is now dealing with a scheme that if successful, would remove Devlin from his duly elected position on the Atlantic City Board of Education.

Devlin is the current Dean, having served on the Atlantic City Board of Education for more than 20 years.

We have well chronicled the Marty Small retaliation against Dredgie Wood and Small’s closing of Woids’ Fish Heads seafood restaurant for no good reason.

And, the abominable Small decision to kick Stockton University out of the Atlantic City Boathouse right before their season was about to begin in 2022, just to name a few.

Now, there’s the case of Johnny Exadaktilos, who is the hard-working owner of The Ducktown Tavern & Liquors in Atlantic City.

Highly regarded local criminal defense attorney Lou Barbone represented Exadaktilos before an empaneled Atlantic County Grand jury … which went on to indict Exadaktilos.

Exadaktilos was indicted in May, 2022 on a 3rd degree charge of making terroristic threats against a city building inspector … who was presenting a work stoppage order on a Ducktown Tavern expansion project.

The honorable Todd Miller, New Jersey Superior Court Judge has dismissed the case against Exadaktilos in his favor.

Judge Miller determined that there was no true threat of violence (made by Exadaktilos towards the city building inspector) and that the first amendment of the constitution protected Exadaktilos and his right of free speech.

It was a completely bogus case from the beginning, however, it was no joke as bad publicity and indictable offenses for anyone is serious business.

When you’re an established local business owner and the system slaps the word “indictment” next to your name … you have to take that very seriously.

Exadaktilos told us earlier today that he was never worried about his indictment, however, he knew that he needed to mount a proper defense against the specious charges.

Exadaktilos hosts a regular weekly Facebook Live video session, whereby he speaks his truth to power against the antics and misdeeds of Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

We have obtained the first public comments from Exadaktilos since the dismissal of his indictment.

Exadaktilos exclusively said to us:

“I was never worried about this indictment … because I knew the truth,” said Exadaktilos. They withheld exculpatory evidence away from the Grand Jury, said Exadaktilos.

Judge Miller agreed with this point, confirming in his decision that the Grand Jury had heard only about one leading question.

Will Reynolds was not the Atlantic County Prosecutor at the time of this indictment.

In conclusion, we asked Exadaktilos for a public comment about how it felt to have this indictment behind him. Here are his unedited public remarks as follows:

“Harry first off I want to thank you for the kind words after it's long drawn out through your process.”

Note: I did congratulate Exadaktilos on his vindication … empathizing how difficult it must be to have serious charges hanging over your head like this. Also, in light of all the others who have been retaliated against over the past couple of years.

Exadaktilos continued: As the puny mayor or may not know, but the mayor of AC not only with me … but with others who don’t agree with his path of leadership has been gunning to keep us down.”

”On Friday not when my attorney Louis Barbone emailed me saying we won … I was happy but mad because it was not only a waste of time, tax dollars and abuse of power but poor leadership decision making.”

“I know deep down that the City Inspector didn't feel threatened because there wasn't one. It was a heated moment on a hot July and he came in yelling at me while I was cleaning construction debris.”

“We both yelled and I guided him to visually see my neighbors who have poor maintained properties.”

”I am 100% positive he was told to go back to the police department and file a complaint  because I was building a structure with out permits to survive COVID.”

”I was happy inside 24/7. I didn't need or want to do an outside tavern. We had to in order to support my staff and the loved ones who depend on them.”

“In the end, it was recognized by my crew who built the Duck Hut went above and beyond … Overkill with the integrity of the outdoor tavern. I paid a fine of about $4000.”

”Nothing was redone or removed. We built the strongest building in Atlantic City. All this being said the Mayor of AC for the third time abused his power against me and LOST!!!!!!!! O for 3 soon to be 4. He is a vindictive man child who bullies people and feeds them a bag of horse manure. So I guess I can end this conversation with "can I get a Great Day?!” concluded Exadaktilos.

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