The Atlantic City Air Show has been the most prolific midweek Air Show in America for the past 20 years.

For two decades, the Atlantic City Air Show has had either The United States Air Force Thunderbirds, or, The Blue Angels United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron close the show.

These two Squadrons tour the United States and much of the world and perform incredible aerobatic formations.

They are both showstoppers and have earned a tremendous following, who travel to view them throughout the country.

For the first time in Atlantic City Air Show history … neither The Thunderbirds nor The Blue Angels will appear at The Visit Atlantic City Airshow, when it returns on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 13 & 14 for 2024.

It is very important to note, both squadrons love The Atlantic City Air Show and its incomparable venue.

Their absence should not be misconstrued as a negative, or, knock against The Atlantic City Air Show.

Here is exactly what the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds have to say about the Atlantic City Air Show:

The US Air Force Thunderbirds are an elite aerial demonstration team that performs around the world to inspire and unite people. Performing in two cities every week, the Thunderbirds schedule approximately 70 airshows each year to be performed from March to November. Each year's schedule is developed two years in advance and takes into account a myriad of factors from recruiting to logistics. The Atlantic City airshow is one of few that have been scheduled mid-week in the past, putting a logistical strain on the team to perform in three cities in one week and reducing the number of performances and community activities that the Thunderbirds are able to provide as our standard. In order for the Thunderbirds to bring Atlantic City the fullest experience and best possible performances in the future, we are requesting that the Atlantic City airshow move to a standard weekend timeframe. A standard weekend show affords the team an additional day of practice over a challenging show site in addition to an extra performance day for the city. It also deconflicts from school and summer camp schedules and activities to allow families, both local and abroad, more flexibility to attend. Our hope is to return to Atlantic City in future years with a full weekend of elite aerial demonstrations and outreach activities for the community.

Michael Chait, President of The Greater Atlantic City Commerce has confirmed this information to us during a live, Monday, December 18, 2023 on-air interview.

For the viewers, who love the sound and the speed of the jets, Chait has confirmed that a Polaris Dawn sponsored jet squadron will be making their first-ever appearance at The Atlantic City Air Show 2024 edition.

Polaris Dawn is sponsoring the Ghost Squadron aerobatic performances, such as their inaugural performance at SUN ‘n FUN’S 50th event.

The Ghost Squadron flies MiG-29, Alpha Jets and L39s.

Chait thanked David Schultz of David Schultz Air Shows for making the appearance of The Ghost Squadron at the Visit Atlantic City Air Show 2024 possible.

Chait will announce more of the schedule in the not too distant future, however, generally speaking, Chait has already confirmed that many of your favorite and civilian performers will be performing at The Visit Atlantic City Air Show 2024.

If you haven’t heard about Polaris Program, here is their mission (from


No earlier than early 2024, SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Polaris Dawn mission from historic Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Dragon and the Polaris Dawn crew will spend up to five days in orbit, during which they will work towards the following objectives:


This Dragon mission will take advantage of Falcon 9 and Dragon's maximum performance, flying higher than any Dragon mission to date and endeavoring to reach the highest Earth orbit ever flown. Orbiting through portions of the Van Allen radiation belt, Polaris Dawn will conduct research with the aim of better understanding the effects of spaceflight and space radiation on human health.

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