This is an incredible story.

A teen girl was swimming in the ocean near the north side of Barnegat Inlet, when she found herself caught in rough surf around 30 yards offshore. She was unable to swim back to safety, and while the ocean rescue teams were on their way, a fisherman spotted her, grabbed his own personal flotation device out of his truck and swam out to her.

Officials said,

He reached the girl and held her head above water until IBSP lifeguards reached the scene from miles away and completed the rescue of the girl and fisherman. Later, on shore, the fisherman admitted that he isn't a strong swimmer, but said, 'I couldn't let her drown.'

While this story had a happy ending, it should also serve as a reminder to NOT swim when no lifeguards are present. We've talked about the danger of riptides before, but even without that, it's very easy to find yourself further from shore than you expected, and your stamina just wears down. Be safe out there!

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