Everyone's favorite Philly TV sports anchor, Jamie Apody, returns to the big screen tonight.

If you've been out of the loop lately, allow us to bring you up to speed...

Where's Jamie Apody from Channel 6?

Jamie Apody handled sports at Channel 6 in Philly for years and years, becoming a key part of the Action News team.

This is important to note because for nearly half a century now, Channel 6 has had the most-watched newscasts in the city. And with a gazillion eyes watching Action News every day and night, the anchors and reporters there become family-like figures. However, when there's a change at WPVI, viewers get upset.

WPVI-TV studios in Philadelphia PA - Photo: Google Maps
WPVI-TV studios in Philadelphia PA - Photo: Google Maps

Such was the case several months ago: Jamie Apody was on TV one day and then she just vanished without a trace.

For weeks and weeks, no one said anything and that got people wondering.

Finally, last month, Apody broke her silence (at least to the extent that she legally could) and posted on social media that she had indeed departed 'PVI.

That sadness quickly turned into joy, however, as right before Memorial Day, Apody announced she was returning to television, this time as a contributor on "The Phantastic Sports Show" on FOX 29.

While not a full-time job, the Delaware Valley seemed to rejoice in her brief return to TVs everywhere.

Jamie Apody on FOX 29

And here's more good news: Jamie Apody will be back on FOX 29s sports show tonight, Thursday, June 13th, at 11:30. Set your DVR!

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