The former purchasing agent of the Atlantic City, New Jersey Housing Authority, Robert Campbell has filed litigation against the agency and Board Chairperson and the agency’s executive director.

Atlantic City Councilwoman Stephanie Marshall is the board chairperson and a very close Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small ally.

The Atlantic City Housing Authority executive director is Thomas Sahlin.

The Atlantic City Housing Authority is a poorly performing agency that has failed to provide proper living conditions for numerous public housing tenants.

Campbell was paid more than $ 100,000 per-year to be the Atlantic City Housing Authority's director of purchasing.

Campbell was hired by Matt Doherty, the former Atlantic City Housing Authority Executive Director.

However, the Atlantic City Housing Authority Board did not allow Campbell to function as its purchasing director.

Instead, the Atlantic City Housing Authority paid an outside contractor, Jerry Volpe hundreds of thousands of dollars per-year to handle the purchasing duties.

Doherty was publicly vocal with his disagreement of this and many other actions within the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

As Doherty was closing in on what he has publicly called “corruption by the Atlantic City Housing Authority Board,” the board moved to fire Doherty on September 7, 2023, without cause.

This led to Doherty being paid his full salary and benefits for four months after being terminated.

Doherty is also presently suing the agency and a number of individuals for wrongful termination and retaliation.

We reported previously about Campbell alleging that he was subjected to a hostile work environment.

Campbell’s litigation includes allegations that the Atlantic City Housing Authority has engaged in unlawful procurement practices.

Doherty wanted Campbell to correct the improper and unlawful purchasing practices that were in place at the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, NJ-R-2, has long called for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to formally takeover the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

SOURCES: Interviews with Matt Doherty and Atlantic City Council Members George Tibbitt and LaToya Dunston.

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